Why are domain Name so Important?

Reputable Domain Name
  • Domain Names give you an edge in the digital space.  It is not only important to survive the digital age but to be a leader in your space.  Having the right domain name/s implies you are embracing the current digital revolution, hence the importance of quality Domain Name.

  • Easy to remember and be found.  The shorter the Domain Name and the easier to remember it, will generally get you more juice (ranking in the search engines.)

  • Attracts more traffic. The domain/s you select will be your business virtual address on the internet and even on your company letterhead. You are easier to be found internationally and as we say, this drives traffic to your sales teams.

  • Online Credibility – When having a quality Domain Name/s and being a leader in your space, you can become a trusted authority in your space. 

  • Enhances Search Engine Rankings – Yes, having a quality Domain Name, and memorable Domain Name will give recognition to many of the search engines that users first use to find you, and that also index your website for the keywords you use in your content.

  • Customer Expectations – When a user or potential customer sees your Domain Name, they have an expectation of what type of business or services you provide many times solely on your Domain Name.

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