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Develop Coding Web Design Coding Web Template
Develop Coding Web Design Coding Web Template

Our web design services are designed to help you grow your business

1. The Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting may take place at your location/our location over the phone, and take about an hour. They are free and without obligation.

We usually ask that you fill out our Estimate Request Form before an initial meeting. This form helps you to gather together a lot of the information we need to know to discuss your project.

An initial meeting is an exchange of information. We’ll answer any questions you have, and find out more about what kind of web site you are planning or considering. The purpose is to provide you with enough information to allow you to decide whether you would like to work with our company, and to provide us with enough information to discern whether your project is one we want to take on.

2. Estimate Preparation (Quote/RFP)

If, after the initial consultation, you decide to go forward, we’ll proceed to prepare a Proposal/Estimate. Sometimes further communication by phone, email, or in-person is necessary to clarify the scope and nature of the work to be done. When we have adequate information, we will then write a set of specifications for your web site with a cost estimate.

3. Signing of Agreement

We prepare a standard contract including a detailed description of the planned website and a cost estimate. 1/3-1/4 of the total estimated cost is due upon signing of the Agreement.

4. Content Gathering

Graphic content must be gathered before most work can begin on the site, and text content before the site can actually be built. We will assist you in pulling together the text, logo, graphics, and photographs needed for the site, but it’s important to be aware that a website project does require work on your part.

5. Final Design of Site Structure and Dynamic Applications

We will finalize detailed plans for the site structure (the way information is arranged and how navigation will work) as well as for any dynamic (database-driven) applications. Work on databases and data-driven pages can often begin during this phase as well.

6. Page Layout Drafts

Next, page layout and visual design begin. The site’s Main Page is designed first. We produce a draft based upon the content, needs, and preferences provided, and upload this site to a private location on the Internet where the client can view it. The client’s feedback is solicited, and this feedback is used to produce a second draft. Once more, client feedback is used to make another round of changes, and these changes are expected to produce a final draft.

The same process is used for any other page designs required for the site.

At specified benchmarks during the project, We will invoice you for subsequent payments.

7. Database Building and Dynamic Application Coding

We create any databases needed, as well as the code for all dynamic pages. These applications are tested thoroughly.

8. Coding of Actual Pages

The approved page designs are now used as templates. Text and graphic content is “plugged in” and adjusted for a perfect layout. Dynamic page code is added to page templates.

9. Final Site Testing

The site is thoroughly tested. You’ll have another chance to review it for any minor changes or corrections and test the pages on numerous browsers, on different platforms, and at different browser window sizes and resolution settings, correcting any remaining errors.

10. Site Launch

The payment balance is due and payable at the time when the site is uploaded to the server and is “live”.

11. Ongoing Maintenance

We are pleased to handle your ongoing maintenance view our regular maintenance rates.

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Designing a website experience for your clients is our top priority here at Collins Web Consulting  We want maximum engagement, returning customers, and loyal referrals to help drive a strong business community to your company.

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