How Does Web Design Factor into the Cost of Web Development

The amount of effort that goes into the web design when trying to figure the average cost of website design for small businesses plays a huge role in the final cost of the project. Anyone that has designed anything can tell you that a design typically doesn’t end you just run out of time. You have pre-designed templates, custom-designed from scratch, or super high-end web design tailored very specifically for the client.  All 3 can and will produce beautiful websites yet all have a different approach.

Pre-designed WordPress theme: There are many very nice-looking WordPress templates available and we can use them as a way to keep hours down. We will help you pick one out then implement the template. Even though the site would be using a template we can still make simple changes to the design to make sure that it matches your branding.

Custom Design: We will go through a number of steps to best understand your business, your goals, and your general taste in design. Our web designs are very conversion-oriented. We take great care to make sure that our designs are visually pleasing as well as well thought out to give us the best chance to gain more customers for our clients.

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Designing a website experience for your clients is our top priority here at Collins Web Consulting  We want maximum engagement, returning customers, and loyal referrals to help drive a strong business community to your company.

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